Swapping Couches – Illinois Has a New Option for Therapy as the Gersten Center for Behavioral Health Launches Its New Online Therapy Option

Chicago, IL – Illinois can swap their therapist’s office couch for their own as The Gersten Center for Behavioral Health announces its new online therapy option. Thanks to this new offering, patients can enjoy the benefits of therapy from the comfort of their own homes. After a soft launch in the winter of 2014, the Gersten Behavioral Health is now pleased to officially extend its services, virtually, throughout the state of Illinois.

With over 15 years experience and 20 psychologists on staff, the Gersten Center makes it easy to find the right therapist to address specific therapeutic needs. It’s as easy as logging on. As a general practice, the Gersten Center addresses a wide range of concerns including depression, phobias, eating disorders and ADHD, among others.

Inclement weather will no longer be a factor in one’s ability to obtain the help they need. With a near record-breaking 80 inches of snow over the 2014 winter in Chicago, being able to have therapy sessions from home is definitely a plus. With the Gersten Center’s new online therapy option, patients with limited mobility can also receive the benefit of therapy regardless of their location in Illinois. “Our number one value as a practice has always been outstanding patient care, so this is just our way of responding to the evolving needs of our patients,” notes Dr. Jeffrey Gersten, founder and principle of the Gersten Center for Behavioral Health.

The innovative online therapy option will see an influx of patients who struggle to find a time for therapy due to busy schedules, long commutes or who live in rural Illinois with few options for care. Online therapy is also convenient for those who prefer the privacy and anonymity of a virtual space. “We are responding to the needs of a fast paced society that expects high quality behavioral health care without having to wait,” says Dr. Gersten.

“While we are early adopters in this space, in the near future it will become common place to  seek psychotherapy through a videoconferencing platform,” states Dr. Gersten. The online therapy format is much like the popular videoconferencing platform Skype. However, Gersten’s virtual sessions are HIPPA compliant, encrypted and protect patients from any privacy breaches. Video therapy sessions will not be recorded or archived, and clinicians meet with patients from a secure and private location.

About Gersten Center for Behavioral Health

The Gersten Center credits its staff of nearly 30 clinicians and administrative specialists for their superior service. The trained staff at the Gersten Center for Behavioral Health is ready to help you establish your unique therapeutic goals and to foster personal success. GCBH provides a safe and nurturing environment for you and your loved ones to engage in the therapeutic process.

The Gersten Center has 4 conveniently located centers in Illinois which include offices in Chicago, Evanston, Melrose Park and Skokie. To learn more about Gersten’s online therapy option, please contact:
Gersten Center for Behavioral Health
Foster Medical Pavilion
5215 N. California Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60625
Phone: 847.329.9210
Fax: 708.681.9280

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